San Antonio, Texas

Now offering Telemental Health in Virginia

The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.

– Eleanor Roosevelt 

WELCOME to Evolución Counseling!

We are happy you stopped by.

Evolución welcomes those who seek support with navigating life’s hardships, be it relationship challenges, clarifying your life purpose or finding your life direction.

Evolución is here to support you with grief, anxiety and stress, sadness and depression, life’s difficulties with transitions and struggles with life planning.

In our experience, we share our lessons learned and help with ways to help you deal with the struggles of a cancer diagnosis and treatment and the impact it may have in your life.

If you are dealing with unresolved and difficult to deal with trauma, Evolución is your safe space to allow you to figure out how to take the helm and manage the emotions that come with your distress.   

At Evolución we believe that…

We stumble, we fall, we lose direction, and this is our common thread… 

Our GO-TO in life is our unique fabric; it’s how we are built… our fabric is what we are made of. It’s how we reflect, deal, and understand. It is this that helps each one of us to navigate our world.  

To encounter life situations that we can’t handle is true to being human, it is who we are.  

The issue that surfaces is when there is a disconnect with our own innate capacities to deal with obstacles and emotions that, in turn, interrupt our life and hinder our happiness. 

Evolución is where we help to bridge that disconnect. At Evolución, our case for Counseling is when our hearts and minds are aligned with our plan and purpose – any destination is possible! 

Our experience working as collaborative partners in the counseling process with our clients for over 20 years with individuals, couples and families in the community, school and medical settings, affords us the opportunity to aid you in reaching your goals.

Evolución is your space to discover and EVOLVE without judgment. It is your space in this world to be inspired, supported and motivated to help you restore, recharge, recreate and rebuild in whatever way you desire.

At Evolución, our goal is for you to leave us living your most optimal life.   

We can help.  

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*Now offering in-office and virtually. Please schedule an appointment, weekend and evening appointments are available.  

Safety Protocols

At Evolución we realize that Telemental Health is not for everyone.

Beginning July 13th, Evolución is open to seeing a limited number of clients in our office.

To help ensure safety for everyone, we will be implementing safety protocols:

  • Mandatory Masks, Temperature Checks and Social Distancing.  
  • The Evolución waiting room will no longer be available, we ask that you wait in your vehicle for your counselor to contact you to enter the building for your appointment.   
  • Telemental Health visits are available and highly encouraged.

We thank you for your cooperation during this time. Let’s work together to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone safe.

Feel free to contact Angela or Seth at 210 772-0071 should you have any questions.