WE STUMBLE; WE FALL; WE LOSE DIRECTION– this is our common thread. Our GO-TO in life is our unique fabric; it’s how we are built… our fabric is what we are made of. It’s how we reflect, deal, and understand. It is this that helps each one of us to navigate our world. 

To encounter life situations that we can’t handle is true to being human, it is who we are.

Igniting Possibilities, Embracing Evolución

At Evolución we are all about support with navigating life’s hardships, be it relationship challenges, clarifying your life purpose or finding your life direction. Evolución is here to support you with grief, anxiety and stress, sadness and depression, life’s difficulties with transitions and struggles with life planning. If you are dealing with unresolved and difficult to deal with trauma, Evolución is your safe space to allow you to figure out how to take the helm and manage the emotions that come with your distress.

We aim to use our over 25 years of counseling experience to ensure that you receive quality counseling. At Evolución, our goal for counseling is met when our hearts and minds are aligned with our plan and purpose in collaboration with our clients – any destination is possible!


We will work one-on-one to improve on your own awareness, gain a greater insight about your life, develop healthier thinking patterns and greater awareness of negative thoughts.

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Every relationship, even the happiest, can have its set of challenges. No worries, that’s not a bad thing. Conflict can be healthy if positively expressed and worked through together.

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As a License Professional Counselors and Texas Certified School Counselors, we specialize in the unique role(s) of counseling our clients from high school to college and beyond into their chosen career/ life path.

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We have walked the walk and can help you understand your feelings and reactions, and provide a safe place through the challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis, treatment and the aftermath of living with uncertainty.

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