Supervision - What to Expect

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~ Friedrich Nietzsche


Dr. Sampson

What will Dr. Sampson use as his Supervision Model?

Dr. Sampson has found that his experience as a School Counselor, Counselor Educator and License Professional Counselor for many years can benefit his supervisees in their growth. In this process, the natural occurrences of his experiences of teaching, counseling and consultation transpire. Therefore, he leans on the integrative models of supervision, in particular Bernard’s Discrimination Model, which he has found best suited for clients, students and supervisees at Evolución and throughout his career. This model in supervision is comprised of three separate foci for supervision (i.e., intervention, conceptualization, and personalization) and three possible supervisor roles for him to support his supervisees (i.e., teacher, counselor, and consultant) (Bernard & Goodyear, 2009).   

What is Dr. Sampson’s theoretical orientation for practice with clients?

Dr. Sampson borrows from a variety of theories when working with clients and chooses to share more about how he integrates theory with clients during supervision sessions. More importantly, Dr. Sampson focuses on shaping the theoretical orientation of his supervisees, so that they are confident in their delivery and work with their clients and are knowledgeable about strategies available to them to assist  their clients in meeting their own treatment goals. 

What other types of sites will Dr. Sampson approve for Associates he supervises?

Dr. Sampson accepts a variety of sites for LPC Associates. Given his particular background as a former School Counselor and Assistant Professor in School Counseling, Dr. Sampson’s  specialization is working with LPC Associates earning hours in a school setting.

Does Dr. Sampson support and hire LPC Associates to gain experience by seeing clients at Evolución?

Yes! We just started to welcome, support, and employ our LPC Associates to work at Evolución Counseling as they obtain their hours during supervision. We realize that our LPC-A’s are just entering the field and are eager to assist them in any way possible. We will approve certain, on a case-by-case basis, LPC Associates who have supervisors other than Dr. Sampson and work at Evolución. We always encourage LPC Associates to interview various LPC Supervisors before making a final decision!

Does Dr. Sampson offer in-person or virtual supervision?

Yes! Dr. Sampson offers both virtual supervision and in-person supervision as per board rules.

How much does Dr. Sampson  charge for supervision?

Individual Supervision Sessions: $80.00/session

Contact Dr. Sampson, if you are struggling with your Supervision budget, he is more than happy to work with you to help you reach your goals.

How to contact Dr. Sampson?

Call or Text: 210.772.0071

I look forward to meeting you.