Supervision with Dr. Seth Sampson

He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any how.

~ Friedrich Nietzsche


Dr. Seth Sampson is currently accepting Licensed Professional Counselor Associates

Dr. Seth Sampson is the Co-Founder of Evolución Counseling Practice and serves as Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor of School Counseling at Texas A&M International University. He has been in the education field for 20 years and has experience with providing counseling services in a clinical setting to individuals, couples, children and adolescents, and families who have serious mental illnesses or are in crisis. He is passionate about empowering LPC Associates. His approach to supervision is collaborative and empathic, in that he provides support aligned with the professional developmental goals and needs of his supervisees and understands that a key component of the supervision process is often assisting counselor associates with compartmentalizing emotions and enhancing self-care.

As a supervisor, Dr. Sampson serves as a mentor, teacher, counselor, and consultant. Through his position as a Counselor Educator, Dr. Sampson has a profound awareness of developmental and skill-building processes for student counselors and counselor associates.

Supervision offers constant feedback from someone with more experience and skill. Rather than relying on principles from a textbook or classroom, you’ll get rapid feedback on real-world counseling issues. Dr. Sampson can also provide insight into your personal style and guidance on how to sharpen your skills, as well as how to adapt your style to the complex needs of diverse clients. During supervision sessions we will discuss and explore areas such as case conceptualization, treatment planning, modeling, role playing, self-care, advocacy, and leadership development. Additional topics examined, but not limited to, in the supervision process include:

Creative Interventions
Cultural Competence
Diagnostic Skills
Work-related stressors
Ethical and legal issues, such as mandated reporting
Current events and policies related to the counseling profession
Relationships with colleagues, administration, or management

For individuals seeking supervision, interview prospective supervisors to determine if they are a good fit for you. You should feel relaxed and comfortable, but also confident that your potential supervisor is competent. The supervision experience strongly affects a counseling associate’s professional identity development and their confidence and effectiveness when working with their clients.